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Ayurvedic Treatment for Lungs

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Bronchiectasis is a chronic lung disease that can result from infections, or indeed anything that can injure the
walls of the airways or bronchi. The damage leads to a build-up of mucous in the airways and causes obstruction in the air flow in and out of the lungs. Over time, the airways become stretched and scarred, which affects oxygen levels in the body. This can lead to serious and debilitating illnesses.

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Unfortunately, the Western approach has failed to treat bronchiectasis effectively, leaving the patient with a life-long dependency on antibiotics.
The natural, safe approach of Ayurvedic medicine improves the quality of life of such patients by boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation and promoting the body’s self-healing power. This has been attested to by many patients who are now living normal happy lives.

Common Lung Diseases FAQs

Pulmonary fibrosis is a complex lung disease; it is difficult to find the exact cause. Unfortunately, Pulmonary fibrosis is in the category of incurable diseases. Breathing becomes more challenging over time, and the patient struggles to sleep and breathe, especially at night, and they might need oxygen support. Ayurvedic treatment can be very useful in the early stage of the disease. We find in our clinic that Ayurvedic herbs and treatments can control and manage symptoms like breathlessness, tiredness, persistent cough etc. Pulmonary fibrosis treatment requires further research.
In this situation, the patient needs to improve their respiratory immunity. Ayurveda is one of the best methods to boost the immune system, improve digestive health and build ojas (prana life energy). Ayurveda can strengthen respiratory immunity. Boosting your immune system is the best way to treat all chronic, frequent, bacterial and viral infections.
Ayurvedic medicine effectively manages pulmonary oedema resulting from congestive cardiac failure or chronic hypertension. Gokshura is one of the most common herbs used to treat pulmonary oedema. In Ayurveda, we always focus on the root cause of the illness.
The best approach is to start taking Ayurvedic herbs and your inhalers; over time, you will notice that fewer and fewer inhalers are required. Eventually, you will be able to manage your bronchial asthma using Ayurvedic herbs alone.ontent
The progression of COPD can be stopped. Some reversal is also possible, providing the patient stops smoking and eliminates the condition’s cause.
Ayurveda provides many options which can help you reduce or eliminate inhaler use. We see many asthma patients in our clinic; after a course of Ayurvedic herbs for a few months, they only need an inhaler occasionally or do not need one.
Passive smoking can be as harmful as smoking. The best solution is to avoid exposure if possible. If that is impossible, taking an Ayurvedic Rasayana supplement like Haritakyadi Rasayana or Dasamulaharitaki Rasayana, or alternatively Chyavanaprasam, would be helpful.
Pulmonary sarcoidosis is the result of an overreactive immune system which forms inflammatory cells that accumulate as granuloma-like tissue in different parts of body organs; the lungs, eyes, skin and lymph nodes are most affected. The exact cause is unknown, but some patients have a genetic predisposition, and it is thought that bacteria, viruses, or even chemicals might trigger the immune system. Ayurvedic medicine is beneficial in the treatment of sarcoidosis. Clinically we observe some herbs are immunomodulatory and have anti-inflammatory properties. Our clinic has extensive experience treating immune-related problems like sarcoidosis, psoriasis and arthritis.
Post-viral cough is a common complication, and a simple Ayurvedic herbal formula like Sitopladi Churnam, Talisapatradi Leham, or Dasamulaharitaki Leham can be beneficial.

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