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Dr. Poonam Rawal


Ayurvedic Gastroenterologist, Dietitian & Physician

In Ayurveda, digestive health is considered the cornerstone of well- being. A well-functioning digestive system is crucial for the effective assimilation of nutrients and elimination of waste. It's believed that an imbalance in digestion can lead to the accumulation of "ama" (toxins), which can be the root cause of various ailments. Maintaining digestive health is thus key to holistic healing and wellness.

I am a dedicated and confident professional with a proactive and flexible attitude. I am able to complete multiple tasks independently or within a team competently on a daily basis whilst adapting well to unexpected situations. I have 20 years of working experience as a Dietitian and Ayurvedic Physician. I hold expertise in both inpatient and out-patient settings, in both primary and secondary care services.

I have worked in nutrition support, surgery, gastroenterology, neurology and stroke, respiratory, weight management, cardiology, diabetes and general dietetics. I have also worked with women’s health clinics including PCOS and gestational diabetes with Ayurvedic Natural Medicine. I enjoy giving presentations to patients and health care professionals. I have regularly provided shadowing to dietetic, medical and nursing students.
I am very keen to contribute to research and development in areas pertinent to the management of various health conditions with special expertise in developing guidelines based on research evidence of high standards.


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