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Meet our team of ayurvedic physicians, gastroenterologist, massage therapist and lifestyle consultants

“Every member in our team is deeply passionate about improving our patient’s health and wellbeing and ensuring a personalised, comprehensive and holistic experience.”
Says Dr. Ashok Kumar Rawal

For the patient-physician relationship to grow and enhance, it It is crucial to have mutual respect, trust, and collaborative action. These elements foster a positive dynamic where both parties actively participate and work together.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Rawal

Chief Ayurvedic Physician

He has practiced and taught Ayurvedic Medicine and Panchakarma for many years. He Graduated from M.D. University of India with his Bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS). His academic and practical training included the study of traditional Ayurveda as well as Western medicine and surgery.

Dr. Poonam Rawal

Ayurvedic Gastroenterologist

I am a dedicated and confident professional with a proactive and flexible attitude. I am able to complete multiple tasks independently or within a team competently on a daily basis whilst adapting well to unexpected situations. I have 20 years of working experience as a Dietitian and Ayurvedic Physician. I hold expertise in both inpatient and out-patient settings, in both primary and secondary care services.


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