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A patient is not a problem to be solved but a mystery in whose presence the clinician is privileged to do well.

In the welcome atmosphere of our clinic you will be will able to confidentially discuss your condition and associated factors with the consultant. The consultation will involve an in-depth consideration of your symptoms, medical history and the environmental factors affecting your condition as well as a clinical examination. A detailed holistic assessment of your prakriti dosha constitution) and vikriti (dosha imbalance) will be carried out to diagnose your condition and you will be advised on the best Ayurvedic Treatments and therapies. We offer the best quality medicines which are tested for heavy metals, etc.

At the follow-up appointment an assessment of your symptomatic and overall improvement will be assessed. A change in prescribed medication may be required at this stage, depending on your condition, and advice given for further gradual improvement. At this stage Ayurvedic Treatment and prevention therapies will become the focus as your symptoms/disease progression come under your control.

A face to face / Skype consultation can be booked by calling us on 0121-455 9494 or by e-mail at
Cost and duration 25 for up to 30 minutes (We do Skype consultations too).

Follow-up Consultation
Cost and duration 10 for up to 15 minutes.

Mind and Body Constitution Analysis

Ayurveda perceives every person individually, with a unique mind-body constitution and a particular lifestyle, which is imperative in determining appropriate healing approaches and making recommendations for the person's daily routine.

According to Ayurveda, the body is composed of five constituent elements of the universe, and all diseases occur due to the imbalance of the bio-energies (doshas) of the body that are responsible for maintaining equilibrium of health. We work on mitigating this imbalance by channeling nature's energy and resources after analysing the patient's constitution and advising on the appropriate line of treatment. We offer specifically tailored guidance to you as an individual on lifestyle, diet, exercise and yoga, herbo-mineral therapy, Panchakarma therapy and rasayana therapy, and advise you on why you are prone to certain types of diseases. This helps in identifying the root cause of any problem, which in turn helps you to deal with any physical or mental illness.

Duration up to 1 Hour, 75

In order to avoid payment for session booked, cancellations must be received no later than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.