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Case Studies

Bronchial Asthma: Jackie

I approached Dr Ashok on behalf of our 2 children (both at junior school), who both have asthma and were requiring increased dosages of inhaled steroids and antibiotics with every cold.
Dr Ashok's approach was very thorough and compassionate. He did not instantly advise that we stop the conventional medicine, but rather combine it with Ayurveda.
The children have been taking a variety of Ayurvedic medications over the last couple of years. They don't always like the taste, but will tolerate it!
Whilst they both still catch viruses, the frequency and duration have decreased dramatically. In fact, at their summer asthma review with our GP's asthma nurse, she was so pleased with their progress that she has recommended that they no longer need their steroid inhalers.
In the last 12 months, our eldest daughter (11) has grown 11 cm and our youngest (7) 10cm. Progress indeed! We are really pleased and grateful for everything that Dr Ashok has done to enable them to achieve this improvement.

Migraine / Amit Agarwal, Newcastle-under-Lyme

My 11 years old daughter had severe headaches in around September 2011 which turned to all day every day headache by October 2011. This affected her schooling and all physical & extra-curricular activities she used to participate very actively. Very soon she started to lose patience and lost her confidence.
As normal, we contacted health services who did all sort of tests including MRI which did not reveal anything wrong and towards November 2011 diagnosed this with Chronic Migraine. Medicines started did not show any sign of improvements by December 2011. Neurologists' consultants again put my daughter on relatively heavy dose of medicines and by the February 2012 it still did not show any signs of improvements.

At this point, I heard that Ayurveda has a cure for migraine and got in touch with Dr Ashok who say my daughter in March 2012 and put my daughter on some Ayurvedic herbs. Till this point, my daughter still had every day all day headache. Within 2 weeks of seeing Dr Ashok, my daughter reported headache severity from high to medium. Further within a month, we saw further improvement that headache settled down to mild from medium. We are now in 4th Month of Ayurvedic treatment and now my daughter has no headache about 5 days each week. The other 2 days she had headache is mostly mild. She has started most of her physical and extra-curricular activities which used to trigger heavy headaches in the past but these activities are not causing trigger to headaches. So she seems to be enjoying aspects of the life very much like she used to have before start of the Migraine problem. I'm very pleased with the positive results Dr Ashok's medicines have shown in just over 3 months for a problem which did not show any sign of improvement otherwise in even 6 months. I'm hopeful now my daughter completely gets rid of headache problems soon and all bad days she had in 2011-12 will become a history soon.

Eczema 2 cases

Mr Singh

We went to see Dr Ashok about 5 years ago for my daughter who was suffering from Eczema. She was three years old at that time and had the condition from the age of three months. We had previously tried Steroid creams and moisturizers prescribed by our GP without any success. We had also tried Homeopathy which also failed. Within a few days of using Dr Ashok's Ayurvedic medications, we began to see results and just a few months later you could not tell she had eczema. Throughout our daughter's treatment, Dr Ashok has been very caring and has taken all time to answer and explain any questions we had. His gentleness, great attitude and passion for Ayurveda were unveiled all through the treatments undertaken and visits to his practice. Later, my son also developed Eczema when he was two months old. No doubt, we consulted Dr Ashok right from the beginning for his treatment too, and this time too with same success.

PCOS: Dr. Kiran Sharma, Birmingham University

I was introduced to Ayurveda by my family. I went along to Dr. Ashok's clinic in Birmingham and what an amazing experience I had. The Healing and deep tissue massage with Ayurvedic techniques, and health consultation regarding the endocrine system was not only informative but incredible that I have started noticing the difference in my health already, when I had been suffering from PCOS for many many years. Each consultation with Dr Ashok had a healing touch and all my worries seemed to vanish eventually. Dr Ashok discussed the effect of each medicine on my system in great detail and I was surprised with his regular updates via messages, e-mails and even small changes made to my medication, which were made on a daily basis were so conveniently handled. In today's busy world, I have not seen anyone offering such a personal touch to healing and care of such high standard being available.
I would recommend Dr. Ashok's clinic to anyone looking for a professional, deep knowledge and amazing health healing experience which otherwise remained untreated by the normal style of medicines. The ambience of the place is lovely and Dr. Ashok's knowledge was very impressive.

Shirodhara & Ayurvedic Deep Tissue Massage: Dr V.Sampat, consultant ophthalmic surgeon, Kettering General Hospital

Lifestyle in today's working atmospheres leads to lots of wear and tear in the body. Constantly being on the feet for long hours and working in challenging atmospheres can be very stressful for the body and mind.
I tried Ayurvedic Deep Tissue massage and Shirodhara at Dr Ashok's Ayurvedic Clinic to help rejuvenate myself. I found this to be very helpful.
I thank Dr Ashok and his staff for a wonderful experience of a rejuvenating body massage and Shirodhara. I would certainly recommend it to others.

Traditional Ayurvedic Sports Massage: Shreya Anil

Hello Dr. Ashok,
I would like to thank you for your continued support in my pre and post fencing training and competitions I have been much more flexible and relaxed. I am able to fence with less stress and pain free.

Thanks very much,
Shreya Anil

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Stephen Davy

Following a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis from my local GP I was advised to speak to an Ayurvedic doctor before embarking on a course of modern day medicines.

Since taking the prescribed Ayurvedic tablets I have noticed a vast improvement in that the aches and pains I was experiencing have reduced to around 10- 15% of the original problem and this is after taking only one course of tablets. There have been no side effects just a general improvement in wellbeing; I would have no problem in recommending Ayurvedic treatment to anyone.

Stephen Davy

Bronchiectasis Ayurveda a Ray of Light

My name is Patricia I am 72 years old and I live in Spain. All of my life I have had good health and enjoyed an active, outdoor lifestyle until 7 years ago when I developed a hacking dry cough that nothing seemed to cure. I was treated by my local Dr, and sent to see Consultants for allergy testing, or sinus investigation, prescribed nasal sprays, inhalers, steroids and antibiotics none of which helped. I was getting worse by the constant lack of sleep due to coughing when I lay down, and the mucus in my throat which led to post nasal drip. I was unable to get a diagnosis other than allergic to dust.

In 2012 I decided to go to London and have a private consultation with a Lung specialist, with a view to having a diagnosis. After MRi scans and tests the Dr told me that I had mild Bronchiectasis in both lungs, which there was no cure for but treatment with antibiotics would settle it down for a while, and when it came again more antibiotics as that was the only treatment for this condition. The Consultant prescribed antibiotics for me and in a month the cough had stopped and I began to be hopeful that I was going to be well again. After 2 months the cough returned and I again took antibiotics with little success this time so I was also prescribed steroids. I did feel better for a while, but nothing seemed to stop the cough for long.
My GP continued to prescribe a variety of medication to try to keep me stable and this seemed the pattern my life was to follow be well for a few weeks, then get a chest infection and be ill for weeks. The chest infections were coming more frequently.

I felt that there must be something else I could try in order to restore my health again so I searched the internet for alternative treatment and found Dr. Ashok's Ayurveda Clinic website. I also found a blog left by a lady who had been successfully treated by Dr Ashok some years earlier and had remained in good health since. I contacted her by email and she became my valued online support.
I was travelling through Birmingam last year in August 2014 and made an appointment to see Dr Ashok at his clinic. I felt very much at ease with Dr Ashok he has great empathy with patients.
I had prepared a list of my general health and treatment to date in readiness for him and he gave me a thorough examination, discussed with me the symptoms and treatment he could prescribe for me. Dr Ashok also suggested some changes to my diet and I gave up all dairy and used soya in place of milk, yogurts and cheese.

He gave me some tablets and jars of paste to begin my treatment and Dr Ashok would send more as and when I needed it by DHL to my home in Spain. Meanwhile I was to continue with whatever my Dr in Spain had prescribed, but Dr Ashok said if I felt well enough to begin to reduce the drugs gradually, but continue with the Ayurvedic treatment.

Feeling optimistic I began the treatment and within 6 weeks had stopped using inhalers, nasal sprays and mucus buster powders. I began to get my energy back and I was sleeping well.
Now almost a year later I have had several changes to the herbs and paste treatment, it changes every few weeks. I have not had a cold or flu and continue to remain well. My cough has long gone, and the mucus too. I am back to leading a normal life and walk miles each day with my dogs.

If you have Bronchiectasis and failed to get better do try this treatment, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Meeting Dr Ashok and using Ayurvedic treatment has been life changing for me.

Best wishes